Conference equipment

Conference equipment rental

Apart from the services of our professional interpreters, we also offer the rental of specialist equipment for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting during conferences and meetings, together with transportation, set-up, and technical support.We will also be happy to provide any assistance necessary in choosing the right equipment and mode of interpreting for your event.


Booth Interpreting (Simultaneous)

This mode of interpreting requires the use of a booth and appropriate audio equipment. The interpreter listens to the speaker through headphones and interprets their words into a microphone. The guests are given special receivers with headphones which are used to listen to the interpreters. This solution is used most frequently during conferences and meetings with large numbers of participants. It is very comfortable for the interpreters, which is also reflected in the quality of their work.

If necessary, we can provide our clients with appropriate equipment for simultaneous interpreting (PHILIPS/BOSCH), including booths, microphones, headphones, etc. Prices differ depending on the number of guests and language combinations.


Portable interpreting (tour guide) systems

In special circumstances it is possible to have simultaneous interpreting without the booth, using a portable interpreting system. This solution is used mainly during tours, e.g. in production facilities. It may also be employed during meetings with a small number of participants where the use of a booth would not be possible. Due to the relatively short range and power of the transmitters, it is not possible to use such systems during larger events.


Transportation and technical support

The price of equipment rental includes transportation to the location specified by the client, set-up, and full technical support provided by a qualified technician. The equipment that we offer meets all relevant European standards, so it can be used in all EU member states.