Quality is key

Translation quality is our top priority. All translators with whom we cooperate are well-qualified, experienced specialists able to tackle any challenge. Translation orders are assigned to individual translators based on their areas of expertise – for example, a completely different set of skills is required when translating literary works than in the case of marketing texts or medical documents.
Our team also includes certified translators, who specialize in the translation of various types of documents and possess a wide knowledge of the legal system.


Computer-assisted translation

Cutting-edge CAT software is extremely helpful for translators, as it allows them to create their own databases of terms and previous translations, which in turn increases their efficiency and terminological accuracy.
The computer skills of our translators also prove useful in other areas. Proficient use of graphics and text editors enables them to recreate the form of the original file in the target document. It is our goal to make our translation as similar to the source text as possible in terms of format and graphic design.


Detailed proofreading

All translated texts undergo detailed proofreading conducted by another translator. A fresh look can not only help remove any potential mistakes in a given text, but also provide it with additional value. Upon the client’s request, the proofreading may be conducted by a native speaker of a given language (subject to additional fee).


Placing an order

In order to make the process faster and more efficient, most orders are placed, negotiated, and confirmed via e-mail. Once both sides accept the established price, deadline, and other terms of cooperation, the order is considered confirmed. In the case of large volumes of text for translation or upon the client’s request a separate agreement may be prepared and signed by both parties.
If the order is cancelled by the client after confirmation, the client is obliged to pay for the work that has already been conducted + an additional compensation of 30% of the total value of the cancelled order.



Each order is priced individually as there are numerous factors that need to be taken into account. Apart from the number of standard pages, these include: the deadline, subject matter of the text, and graphic layout of the document. If you require a quote for a specific order, please contact us via e-mail with the document for translation attached. You can find our e-mail address at the bottom of the screen or in the Contact tab. You can also use the Quick Quote form below.



All materials and documents which we receive from our clients in association with the provision of our services (in written, oral, or other forms) are always treated as confidential and are never made available to third parties without the client’s consent. In the case of especially sensitive information we can prepare a separate non-disclosure agreement or send an appropriate, signed statement.


Our expertise:

  • science / medicine
  • technology / engineering
  • law (including certified translations)
  • software / IT
  • business / marketing
  • literature